No Time To Be Scared. Fear Has No Power Over Me.

The Novel Night, written by Elie Wiesel speaks very much on the effects of fear. One scene that resinates to me is when Moshe the Beadle returns to Sighet and tries to warn the other inhabitants of the horrors that will come this way if they don’t flee. The town sees him as a lunatic and refuses to believe him despite his frequent outcries. He was in simple terms a wreak. His fear of the events he witness reoccurring in Sighet enveloped him and he was nothing more than a raving lunatic to the other inhabitants of the village. He can only watch as his fears become a reality.

When I get ready to run whether it’s for a race or just for practice I use to feel an inkling of fear that regardless of how small it is, looms in my thoughts. These thoughts vary between “I don’t want to get injured” to “What if I can’t race my best and I just completely lose it?!” Now I’ve managed to eliminate these fears and accept that I can’t always run my best everyday. This was part of me just growing up and experiencing failure and learning from it. I run for my own reasons rather than for expectations of others. I’m improving because I want to. I can now run everyday and never have to worry about what happens next because regardless of whatever setbacks are ahead of me, I can only improve from there as a runner and as a person.


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