Miracles Do Happen!

We are now reading Animal Farm in English class and I have noticed several similarities between the animals and my track team. The one that stood out to me the most was the way all the animals believed that they could take over the farm, despite the fact that the take over could only occur under a miracle circumstance. That miracle happened however, and the animals took over because they had prepared for those circumstances. It also took a lot of teamwork on the animal’s part to fully initiate the take over.


Although our team didn’t really take over anything, we did win a league title under miracle circumstances. One team, the Eagles (I don’t want to reveal anything I’m not supposed to so all the team names are made up), went undefeated in all the dual meets during season. They were the only team that beat us. Another team, the Sharks, was defeated by the Eagles and us but beat everyone else. Going into league finals, there were two ways we could become league champions; the normal way in which we won league finals and co-champed the Eagles, or the miracle way in which the Sharks won league finals, we got second, and the Eagles got third, meaning that all three teams had two losses and there would be a three way tie for first place in league. By the title of this post, I think you can guess which situation actually happened.


We knew we could win; we just needed to trust each other to do what we needed to do. Everyone raced to the best of their ability that day and despite some minor mishaps everything went smoothly. When it was time for the 4×400 (the last event) to run, the Sharks had gotten enough points to claim first place and we were in second, ahead of the Eagles by three points. Scoring at league finals is a little different from duel meets. At finals; first place in a race gets ten points, second place gets eight points, third place gets six points, etc. Right before we were about to run, two of our coaches were doing the math and telling us that if we beat the Eagles or were one place behind them, then we would be tri-champs. If we were two places behind them, there would be no league championship for us. They walked away and I just said, “Math is to complicated. Let’s just win.” And win we did. We were barely in first when I got the baton (I was third leg) and the Sharks girl was right behind me. Going down the backstretch, all of her teammates were screaming at her to pass me. Unfortunately for them, all that did was make me run faster. I flew off the curve and down the final straight to give our anchor a sizable lead, which she held. After we won, we behaved much like the animals did in Animal Farm after they took over the farm. We were running around screaming our heads off and hugging each other because we were so happy. Not only did our win give us a league title, it also meant that we were going on to state prelims and I got my first (and sadly only) gold medal of the year.


To summarize, if you need a miracle circumstance to do something, be prepared because they don’t just happen in stories. Miracles happen in real life, and you have to be ready to grab them as they come by. -A.


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