Trust on the Track?! Could Teamwork Prevail?

Now having been reading The Count of Monte Cristo by the Alexandre Dumas I see a common trait that book some of the characters have and people on a track team share. That is the ability to work together and support each other. Before I explain why I see this in The Count of Monte Cristo, I should first explain why I see teamwork in track as an important element.

Since Track is technically a sport, there are obviously elements of teamwork despite many runners running solo events. Now obviously there are relays in track so teamwork and trust within each runner is essential for victory. If even one person is out of sync, the team risks dropping the baton which in a sense is losing the race. Usually the people in a specific relay team are close to each other and thus they feel comfortable around each other. Once this has been achieved, the group of runners are in sync for the race thus preventing any slip-ups.


Now teamwork isn’t just restricted in relays though. As a distance runner for a track team myself, communication and teamwork between my fellow distance runners are key traits to have. When we run our events, we stay in close proximity of each other, like a pack of wolves, which in turn motivates us to stay with each other. We push each other to run faster and make sure that we can all run a personal best. Without each other we are by ourselves and really I don’t think we could be able to run personal bests. Although it sounds incredibly cheesy and cliché, we are a family that needs to work together in order to preform at our maximum effort.

( An example of what a pack looks like)

Even if a runner is not running or has finished all his or her events, they could still be part of the action. “How so?” one may inquire, ” they cannot run next to them nor are they part of the race”. That may be true but these bystanders can help by showing their support. They can cheer and at first it may seem like the runners are not paying attention, we are in fact listening and thankful that we have people that support us. When these people are cheering for us, we get a sense of empowerment that makes us want to strive to do our best and to not let them down. We feel so happy that someone is hoping for our success and we feel that despite the pain we are feeling, we can muster out more effort and pass people to win the race.

(sorta how we feel when someone cheers for us)

Teamwork is vital to a track team along with trust within the runners. Now how does the teamwork of a track team tie in with Monte Cristo? Well I feel that in the book, Dantès was only able to succeed in many of his plots with the help of others. He only managed to escape from prison and also managed to discover the identities of his traitors with the help of Abbé Faria. He also wouldn’t be able to complete many of his revenge ploys with out the assistance of his newfound allies. This is similar to how track runners work together to help each other out.


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